Thanks for visiting. Allow me to tell you a little about me. I’m a divorced, senior citizen, father and grandfather who enjoys spending time in the kitchen, something I’ve enjoyed since I was a kid. However, after my first divorce, when I was in my 20s, it was a matter of survival. I didn’t have money to eat out much so that is when I began to really learn to cook. Furthermore, I heard women like it when a man cooks for them. As time went on, I began to experiment and have developed definite preferences and tastes.


By the way you don’t need a fancy nut butter grinder to make awesome nut butter.


There are probably many people, both men and women, as well as kids who can benefit from knowing how to eat properly and healthily. I believe knowing how to eat properly is the most basic form of education. As a teacher, obviously, education is important to me. Furthermore, as I age, health becomes more and more important to my longevity. Eating properly is a major component to good health.

It’s important to me to pass on what I know and what I’ve learned about health and nutrition in as simple, yet thorough a manner as possible. Knowing what’s in the food we eat is a vital component of the nutrition education process. I prefer to consume organic food as much as possible, or at least as natural as possible. I try to avoid processed foods as well as anything that is GMO.

By me being a living example of the information and knowledge I share, I am able to provide first-hand, well-thought-out, tried and true healthy dietary solutions.



I hope to replace misinformation, myths, fallacies, and confusion with real-life truth and proven healthy choices. which includes the health benefits of nut butters. I also aim to make cost-saving, cost-effective suggestions for recipes and other ways, such as mixed nut butter etc.that are healthy, tasty, and fun to make.

Lastly, I will offer pertinent tips about nutrition and health.

All the best,


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